About Us

About us :

We are a Kuwaiti Local Company seeking to provide and sell the best European birds and pet’s accessories with high quality and competitive prices for the aim of meeting the needs and desires of our customers.


We work in accordance to provide supplies with the concept of special orders that involves the cost reduction of import and export for the retailers, wholesalers & Fanciers or breeders by collecting and shipping orders through our domestic and International agents.


Our specialized team seeks thoroughly to identify and locate the high quality products worldwide via international companies to ensure the continuous supply to our local markets at reasonable prices.


Away from monopoly and pricing exaggeration, we import distinctive bird’s accessories in coordination with our multinational agents in order to meet the needs of local market and provide these products at appropriate prices according to global market prices.


In addition to our main activities, we try to contribute in stimulating and activating the distinctive hobby of breeding birds for the purpose of developing local market production which contains distinct strains that are qualified to share in local and international competitions.


Our mission :

Our mission is to lead the Kuwaiti Birds Accessories market through providing high quality items of birds accessories from the most reputable international suppliers to satisfy all Breeders’ needs in accordance with best practices &international standards for the aim of building a strong base of loyal customers.