Cuttle Fish Bones with Mineral Blister

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Origin: Belgium
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Cuttle bone is the calcareous internal shell of a cuttlefish. 


Importance To Diet

Cuttlefish is an important dietary item in many countries Cuttle bone is not only used as a dietary supplement for bird keepers.

Now, what good is cuttle bone to a bird? Well, it is not for sharpening the beak. It's amazing how many pet owners think this is its purpose. Cuttle bone is provided to birds as a source of calcium and other necessary minerals. It is especially important to breeding hens.

The major component of cuttle bone is calcium carbonate (85 percent). This is also the major component in eggshells. The next major component is organic material (8.9 percent), Probably mainly carbohydrate material. The nitrogen content of 8,300 mg/kg indicates that approximately 20 percent of the organic material is proteinaceous. The 1.4- percent acid-insoluble material is silicate (sand). The remaining elements are all trace elements. No specified toxic heavy metals were detected.


Do Birds Need Cuttle bone?

The question remains, does my bird need cuttle bone? The answer is yes. Your bird, especially an egg-laying hen, needs calcium. Cuttle bone provides a natural, inexpensive source of calcium carbonate as well as other trace minerals. Most man made mineral blocks are made from plaster of Paris. They also contain whatever the manufacturer decided to add, whether it be food coloring or seed. On the other hand, cuttle bone is a natural product, containing no toxins or contaminants.

All birds need calcium and cuttle bone is as good a source as any. Most of the parrots will willingly chew up a cuttle bone. Others, such as mynahs, toucans, etc., will not eat cuttle bone as it naturally occurs. In feeding these soft bill species, it is just a matter of scraping cuttle bone into their soft-food mix.

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