In 1982 Jean-Louis Jorissen founded Comed NV a wholesale business for veterinary instruments and animal medication. He developed his own product range for pigeons and other animals.
At the end of the eighties, Jean-Louis Jorissen specialized as an Industrial Pharmacist at Liège University. 

At that time, Linus Pauling promoted a scientific stream that combined medicine and nutrition.

Before this, medical training paid hardly any attention to the links between pathology and nutrition.

Today the entire medical sector is convinced of the vast importance of widening the fundamental research in the field of or thomodecular nutrition. This inspired Comed to develop a range of products for animals.

The core activities of Comed nv are: 

  • The distribution of animal medication
  • The development of new products in line with the latest research
  • The manufacturing of products for pigeons, fancy pigeons, birds, horses, dogs and cats as well as products for human consumption
  • Comed wants both professional and amateur breeders to reach the top with as little drug use as possible.

Comed is...

Comed is a wholesale company and distributor of veterinary medicines.

Comed is a manufacturer of orthomolecular nutrition for pigeons, birds, horses, dogs and cats.

New name

The base oil (Fine oil) is COMEDOL.

30th anniversary 

30 years of specialization scientific research of safe products for the health and better performances of pigeons and birds.

Often copied, never equaled.

Recently, a cell has been installed for the development of products for horses, dogs and cats.


Willem De Bruijn into conversation with Jean-Louis Jorissen. 

The council of wise men: 

interesting talks between specialists, each on their domain, are the basis of lasting success.

Comed Science confirms thePin Hwan Company is the only importer in Taiwan and the PR China, allowed to buy directly from the manufacturer Comed Science in Belgium.

Comed Science warns customers for falsifications popping up in the middle east area, abusing its name and good reputation.

The products Plovet and Poyvit-5 carrying the name and logo of Comed Science are from illegal origin and are not manufactured by Comed Science laboratories.

Comed Science warns for possible health risks by using these forbidden products and will start lawsuits against any party involved in this counterfeiting.
Comed Science strongly recommends to buy its products only trough the official dealers indicated on its website.